Jan 4, 2017

[Tip] Send an automatic email response message to Google Forms

One of the most needed features of the Google Forms was that the respondent completed the form and did not know whether the form was received well. When the questionnaire is answered, it is recommended that the response message prepared automatically is delivered.

After conducting an event at a company or school, you may want to ask the participants of the event to evaluate the results of the event. Most of them do not have many respondents. The best way to do this is to use the method of sending the presentation materials to respond to "Event Satisfaction" questionnaires for event attendees.

In the meantime, we needed to implement a separate Google Spreadsheet script program to implement the question-answering functionality.

This spreadsheet add-on allows you to easily realize automatic e-mail response. The user can freely create an email auto-response message and automatically send a ready-made email response message to the respondent when the questionnaire is received without any Script programming.

You can install and use a free add-on called 'form Mule' in the 'Add-ons' of your spreadsheet.

How to use the image in the order shown below, you can easily send an automated response message.

1.  Add email address to questionnaire item

2. Create a response spreadsheet

3. In the spreadsheet, search for 'form Mule' in 'Add-ons' and install.

4. Perform formMule on sheet and set up Auto Responder

5. 5. Select "Form Response 1' sheet  and set "Send on form submit' as 'On'

6. In the Email template section, select the Email item in the questionnaire.

7. Create an auto-reply email message
    (** To: If you click on the empty item and select the email address item on the right side of the questionnaire displayed on the right side, "<>" will be automatically entered.

8. 8. Finally, when respondents respond to the questionnaire, the following email message is automatically sent:

For more information, please refer to YouTube video below.

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