Jan 2, 2017

How to use Chromebooks for Student Assessments in School

In the United States, one Chromebook per one student is available. Schools use Google Classroom to teach all classes, and  also uses Chromebooks for examinations for student evaluations because of the one-person Chromebook provision.

School needs a Chrome device console to manage all their Chromebook devices in order to take the exam with their Chromebook. Chrome device management is essential, not an option, to distribute your Chromebook to employees or students in your company or school.

School can only enable Chromebooks for student ratings. Chromebooks work with multiple test providers, so you can prevent students from browsing the web and disable external storage, screenshots, and printing during the exam.

Chrome devices are a secure platform for managing student ratings and meet the curriculum test criteria from elementary to high school when properly set up. In February 2013, a pilot test developed by the American Research Council and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium demonstrated the performance of Chromebooks for student evaluation. Read related blog posts.

There are thee Scenarios Student can take an exam using Chromebook in School.
Scenario 1: Setting up your Chromebook to run with a single app kiosk running a test app in school

Scenario 2: Testing provider sets up student accounts for assessment

Scenario 3: School sets up Public Sessions with student devices

For More information - https://goo.gl/IMl8Bu Kindle Edition