Jan 9, 2017

[Google Chromebooks for Education] Managing Chromebooks with Google Admin Console

What is 'Google Chromebooks for Education'?



Devices: fast, portable computers for students and teachers.With long battery life and Wi-Fi and 3G options, students learn in class or on the go. MSRP starting at $149
Device Management: The web-based management console makes it easy for schools to configure and manage a set of Chromebooks across a school or district.
Chrome Web Store & Apps Marketplace: Apps and app extensions for Education that can be deployed from the Chrome Management Console.

  • Scalable with Management Console: 150+ policies centrally configured for devices via the Management console

  • Integrated with G Suite for Education
    • Same Console (Device Management is a tab within the Apps Admin console)
    • Policies, groups and org settings automatically inherited by Chromebook

  • Security, including forced session timeout and force re-enrollment
  • Easy to manage - managing 40,000 Chromebooks in the same as managing 4 Chromebooks
  • Easy to share - A user can login to any Crhomebook and have access to all of their Apps, files and policies 
  • Security Built In - Virus protection built-in with multiple layers of security like sandboxing, data encryption and verified boot for added security. 
  • No updates needed - All of your apps stay up-to-date, and you get the latest version of the operating system.
  • Always backed up - All data, profiles and setting are 100% backed-up in Google's cloud - never lose anything ever again

     Managing Chromebooks with Device Management Console


For More information - https://goo.gl/IMl8Bu Kindle Store - Paperback/Kindle Edition)