Jan 11, 2017

[About Supporting Google Play Store on Chromebook for G Suite for Education domain]

If an administrator wants to manage a Chromebook through the G Suite Admin console, a Chrome Device Management license is required.

If your organization has Chrome Device Management enabled in your domain, you can manage your Chromebook through the admin console. You can also set up a Google Play Store that runs on your Chromebook through the admin console as Chromebooks that launch the Google Play Store are available.

In the admin console of the domain where the Chrome Device Management console is enabled, you can do Device management> Chrome> google play store settings.

Device management> Chrome> User Settings contains more information about Google Play Apps settings.

Unfortunately, "Android apps on Chrome OS enable is not yet available in the G Suite for Education domain at this time, even if Chrome Device Management is enabled in the domain using G Suite for Education. 
But I expect this can be available soon in G Suite for Education domain.
For More details about ‘Android Apps on Chrome OS(beta)’ - https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/7131624?hl=en&vid=0-746250191737-1484094204342

For More information about Chrome Device Management- https://goo.gl/IMl8Bu Kindle Store - Paperback/Kindle Edition)


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