Jan 15, 2017

[Amazon Paperback - 'Advanced Chrome Device Management & 2017 Essential Guide for Chromebook Users'

I also published a paperback in the Kindle Store along with e-book.

This is a new book published in 2017.  The title is 'Advanced Chrome Device Management & 2017 Essential Guide for Chromebook Users'

It is essential guides for Chromebook beginners and advanced users. In this book, the author explains the new and updated functions and information recently. 

To efficiently manage the many Chromebooks distributed to your employees or students in your company or school, Chrome Device Management console is necessary. The Chrome device management console allows you to define and set up more than 150 policies. It's more complicated than it sounds, and it takes a lot of time and effort to figure it out and use it efficiently. In this book, you can easily learn important things from the functions of Chrome device management through various workshops.

Workshop#1-How to enable Chromebook only on your corporate or school network
Workshop#2-How to set up your Chromebook as a public computer
Workshop#3-How to use Chromebook for student assessments using a single Koisk app
Workshop#4-How to create Digital Signage System for In-house Promotion

Amazon Kindle Store - bit.ly/charlychoi-book