Dec 25, 2016

Working with AutoCAD (DWG / DXF) files on your Chromebook

Introducing AutoDesk ™ A360 Viewer

a360 viewer .png

AutoCAD is developed and marketed by AutoDesk ™ as CAD-specific software for 2D /3D design and drafting.

It also uses the DXF format for interoperability in industry standard formats.

S / W for AutoCAD is mostly run on high-end computers (MS or Mac based). In the meantime, Chromebooks have no way to view these high-demanding DWG / DXF CAD formats.

AutoDesk provides a Cloud-based A360 Viewer service for AutoCAD. For Personal is free (use one project for the file, 5GB storage provided). For business use (unlimited use of files, 10GB storage, user management control functions for files).

This A360 Viewer app can be installed on your Chromebook in the Chrome Web Store.


Simply create a user account on and run the A360 viewer on your Chromebook.

The A360 Viewer supports Google Drive, so you can open your AutoCAD files by accessing your Google Drive directly from the A360 site without having to download DWG / DXF files to local storage.

a360 upload.png

Introducing Android app DWG Fast Viewer


Free Android app that opens local DWG files for quick viewing. (Chrome OS version 53+ Chromebooks with Play Store support).



Advanced Chrome Device Management & 2017 Essential Guide for Chromebook Users: by Charly Choi

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