Dec 9, 2016

[G Suite Team Drive Full Features] Tested by EAP (Early Adopter Program)

I was selected for Google's Team Drive's Early Adopter Program (EAP). I would like to introduce Team Drive, a new service for G Suite Business.

This is primarily the result of testing for important functions.

  1. .Add Team Folder Concept - Anyone can create and share Team Folders on team drives that the administrator allows

YouTube video -

 2. Team folder can be controlled by folder creator. - Member management (add / delete member), modify / delete permission management

3. Give team folders permission management through Google Groups
           - Automatically display team drives of added members when adding members to groups
           - Automatically removed team drives when leaving group members

4. Each individual ownership concept of all documents created by the members of the team folder is removed.
          - Only the person who created the team folder is displayed. 

4. Only the creator of the team folder has the right to delete.
5. Prevention of 'orphaned files' from previous Google Drive. In other words, when the user who shared the files and folders created by the owner is moved to another folder or deleted at will, the side effects such as the disappearance of the original owner's files or folders are prevented

6. Members of Team Folders do not allow random deletion of files or folders within Team Folders

7. If the user who created the team folder and created the file leaves the company (if the account is deleted), all the generated files are retained in the team drive.

8. Recycle Bin is managed separately for each team folder created in Team Drive.

9. Subfolders created on the team drive can not be authored separately on a subfolder basis, as in Google Drive.

10. Deleting a folder on a team drive can only be done by the person who created the team drive.

11. If the folder creator of the team drive grants share owners exclusive rights to delete without permission to delete
     - Sharers can upload, create and modify documents
     - Sharers can not delete or move documents


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