Dec 9, 2016

[Action for Resigner in GSuite ] Seven actions to keep data security after employee leaves (recommended)

G Suite administrators secure your organization's data by following these recommendations when your employees leave the company:

  1. Reset all mobile devices - The G Suite administrator can remotely delete data from user devices leaving the management console. You can remotely wipe the entire device or just delete G Suite data.
  2. Delete password recovery access - Remove your recovery email address and recovery phone number so that you can not use password recovery.
  3. Change user password - Reset the password of the user who has left the company. This can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access.
  4. Cancel all OAuth 2.0 application tokens - G Suite To increase the security of your account, changing your user password cancels OAuth 2.0 tokens issued to access certain products. Review all approved accesses and cancel other approved applications.
  5. G Suite access blocked - Secure your G Suite account by resetting your signed-in cookies for outgoing users. This can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to G Suite.
  6. Revoke Security Key and Cancel App Password Access - Manage your security settings to enhance 2-step verification and password stability. Revoke any security keys or application-specific passwords to which you have been granted access to your exiting user account.
  7. Delete a user's account - Secure your Google Cloud account by migrating all of your data and deleting your account. The exited user will not be able to access your organization's data.


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