Feb 9, 2017

The new Chromebook will come out in 2017

The new Chromebook will come out in 2017 with the following features:

  • Stylus pen support
    • Use pen to input handwriting. The pen does not require recharging and is easy to buy it as a new one once lost. Handwriting input makes it easy to input through Google's machine learning. Students will be able to input mathematical formulas and formulas more easily.
  •  World-facing camera support
    •  In a tablet-mode Chromebook with a 360-degree rotation, it was inconvenient to take a picture or video with a camera that was on the screen. To overcome this, Chromebooks equipped with a camera on the keyboard were introduced.
  •  USB-C charging
    • You can use your Chromebook for at least 8 hours on a single charge, but at the same time, it allows fast charging. It is already supported by Samsung Chromebook Plus / Pro version.
  • Android Apps support
    • Every Chromebook launched in 2017 says it can run "Android apps." As a result, most of the Android apps currently available on the Google Play Store will run on Chromebooks
  • Adobe Apps Support
    • Optimized Adobe Suite for Chromebooks - Photoshop, Lightroom mobile, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Comp CC, and Create Cloud Mobile
  • Powered by Creative Apps
    •  Among the apps that students need at school are 'Video Production Tools - WebVideo', 'Tools for Composing Music - Soundtrap', 'Story-based Multimedia Content Creation Tools - Explain Everything'
 Here is the image for the new Chromebook for Education:

Full Youtube Video  by Google's G Suite - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBSN0lwqLVU&t=0s 

For new book  - https://goo.gl/IMl8Bu Kindle Store - Paperback/Kindle Edition


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