Feb 8, 2017

How to use Chromebook in offline

Chromebooks are only devices you can use when you have an Internet connection. In the early days when Chromebooks were introduced to the market, there was little work to do with Chromebooks unless the Internet was connected. As a result, Chromebook models with 4G / LTE features that were always available on the internet used to be sold. (Devices supporting 4G / LTE were sold 1.5-2 times more expensive than devices supporting only WiFi)

At one time, as well as those with a critical perspective on Chromebooks, Chromebook competitors criticized it as a very limited computer that could not be compared to computers that could create documents, write emails, play games, edit photos, I have done.

In the meantime, Google has upgraded many features for Chromebooks. And also, many features have been upgraded to work offline.

Here are some of the top apps that let Chromebook users work offline.
  • Write an email. Gmail offline (Gmail offline app install from the Chrome Web Store) allows you to read, reply to, search, and archive messages without an Internet connection. Gmail Offline will send mail that was created offline as soon as the Internet is connected.
gmail offline.png

  • View the calendar. If you access offline from the Google Calendar app, you can view your calendar in a read-only version. To work in calendar offline mode, you must first sign in to My Calendar and choose Offline mode in Settings.
offline cal.png
  • View, create, and edit documents. The Google Drive app lets you view and edit Google Docs and presentations, spreadsheets, and drawing files. You must select "Offline" in your Google Drive settings for offline use.
offline drive.png
  • View and modify images. Your Chromebook comes with a built-in photo editor, so you can view and edit photos stored on your Chromebook. If you click the image in the file explorer, you can edit the image as follows (crop, image brightness, rotation)
image editor.png
  • Listening to music. You can play music stored on your Chromebook while offline. You can also copy music files directly from your storage device, such as a USB memory or SD card, to your Chromebook.
  • Watch the video. You can download movies and TV episodes to watch offline on the Google Play Movies & TV app. Videos purchased on the Google Play Movies site can be downloaded offline and viewed on your Chromebook. (You will not be able to watch movies on an external USB stick because you can not watch them on multiple Chromebooks or mobile at the same time with the same account.) If you download from one device and watch offline on other devices while offline, You need to delete downloaded movie)
  • View Microsoft Office and Adobe .pdf files. Easily view MS Office documents and PDF files with your Chromebook without an Internet connection. (See 'Handling MS Office Documents')
  • Take notes. You can use Google Keep to create and save simple notes, which are stored in the Cloud when you connect to the Internet. (Install the Google Keep notes and lists app in the Chrome Web Store)
  • View web pages offline. If you've saved your webpage for offline viewing later, you can open it on Chrome on your Chromebook.
  • Playing games. The Chrome Web Store offers hundreds of games and offers a variety of games that you can enjoy offline, like Angry Birds or Cube Slam.

With the release of Chrome OS version 53, you can install most of the Android apps on the Google Play Store and use them offline. As a result, finding and using offline apps on your Chromebook has become meaningless in the future.

There are over one million Android apps on the Google Play Store. You can install most of them on your Chromebook. Most of these apps work in offline mode

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