Apr 5, 2017

[New 4 features for Chrome Device of 100 new products announced at Next 17]

Last March 8-10, Google hosted the Cloud Platform Next 17 conference on a grand scale. At that time, Google announced 100 new products.

Note: List of 100 published products


These 100 products have been announced in the following categories.

  • Google Cloud Acquisitions
  • Google Cloud Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Database Services
  • Machine Learning Services
  • GCP Pricing & Support
  • Developer Platforms & Tools
  • Infrastructure
  • G Suite-Enterprise Collaboration & Productivity
  • Android & Chrome Devices
  • Google Cloud Customers

Here are four of the 100 new products that are related to Chrome.


Building on the momentum from a growing number of businesses using Chrome digital signage and kiosks, we added new management tools and APIs in addition to introducing support for Android Kiosk apps on supported Chrome devices. 
55. Android Kiosk Apps for Chrome - Android Kiosk for Chrome lets users manage and deploy Chrome digital signage and kiosks for both web and Android apps. And with Public Session Kiosks, IT admins can now add a number of Chrome packaged apps alongside hosted apps.
56. Chrome Kiosk Management Free trial - This free trial gives customers an easy way to test out Chrome for signage and kiosk deployments.
57. Chrome Device Management (CDM) APIs for Kiosks - These APIs offer programmatic access to various Kiosk policies. IT admins can schedule a device reboot through the new APIs and integrate that functionality directly in a third- party console.
58. Chrome Stability API - This new API allows Kiosk app developers to improve the reliability of the application and the system.


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